Office of The Registrar

The Registrar is the administrator in charge of maintaining official student records and class enrollment. Performing the dual role of a Chief Administrative Officer and Secretary to the University's Council, the Registrar is the receiver of all the University's correspondences.
Hierarchically, the Office of the Registrar sits under the Vice-Chancellor, and oversees the day-to-day administration and management of the University.
Roles of the Registrar

  • Overall Administrative Officer
  • Acts as secretary to Council as well as the secretary to the various Committees of the University Council.
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Works under the Vice-Chancellor
  • Take custody of the Seal and affix it to documents in accordance with the directions given by the Council;
  • Take custody of all legal documents and records of Accra Technical University.
  • Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time by the Vice-Chancellor and other enactments.

Responsibilities of the Registrar
The Registrar coordinates and supervises the university’s administrative machinery, specifically in matters relating to the following:

  • General administration
  • Staff recruitment, placement, and separation;
  • Staff welfare;
  • Legal and statutory issues; and
  • Academic affairs;
  • University relations; etc.

The Registrar is supported by a variety of administrators and professional staffs (Deputy Registrars and Senior Assistant Registrars) who hold the various departments of the office and service committees and the boards of the university.

About the Registrar (Ag.)
Adu-Adjei Mensah (Mr.)



  • Academic Affairs Directorate (AAD)
  • Quality Assurance & Academic Planning Directorate
  • Finance Directorate
  • Internal Audit Directorate
  • Directorate for Research, Innovation, Publication and Technology Transfer
  • Guidance, Counseling & Career Development Directorate
  • Human Resource & Organisational Development Directorate (HRODD)
  • Directorate of Works & Physical Development
  • General Services Directorate
  • Directorate of Legal Affairs
  • Information and Communication Technology Directorate
  • Directorate of Procurement
  • Directorate of Public Affairs (DPA)
  • Industrial Liaison Directorate
  • Directorate of Business Development
  • Health Services Department
  •  Stores Department
  • Sports and Recreation Department